my schedule on 1st semester in UPY yogyakarta

Study Class Day Time Room Lecturer
Logika Informatika X A1 Tuesday 09.00-11.00 AM Basic Lab Ahmad Riyadi,M.Kom
Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan X A2 Tuesday 11.00-13.00 AM 306 Sigit Handoko,M.H
Elektonika Digital XI A4 Tuesday 02.00-03.30 PM Multimedia Lab Sunggito Oyama,S.Kom
Grafika Komputer IX A1 Wednesday 07.30-09.00 AM Basic Lab Agus Limbang Wardani,S.Kom
Bahasa Rakitan X A2 Wednesday 09.00-11.00 AM Basic Lab Aji Joko,ST
Rekayasa Perangkat Lunak VIII A1 Wednesday 01.00-02.30 PM 305 Agus Limbang Wardani,S.Kom
Ke-PGRI-an XI A3 Thursday 09.00-11.00 PM 306 Darsono,S.Pd
E-commerce A Thursday 03.00-04.30 PM Multimedia Lab Adi Prabowo,S.SI

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