how to compare array textboxes

Private Sub Text1_Change(Index As Integer)

   CheckForDupes Index
End Sub

Private Sub CheckForDupes(Index As Integer)

   'Nested loop
   Dim i As Integer, j As Integer
      For i = Text1.LBound To Text1.UBound
         For j = Text1.LBound To Text1.UBound
            'Eliminate comparison with the current textbox
            If Text1(i).Index <> Text1(j).Index Then
               'Check for a blank entry and if theres a duplicate
               If Text1(i).Text <> "" And Text1(j) <> "" And Text1(i) = Text1(j) Then
                  'Inform user of duplicate entry and clear current textbox
                  MsgBox "Duplicate entry"
                  Text1(Index).Text = vbNullString
                  Exit For
               End If
            End If
         Next j
      Next i
End Sub

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2 Comments to “how to compare array textboxes”

  1. Salam kenal…

    Silakan berkunjung… :)
    Terima kasih… :D

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